A Message from Organisers at Woodfordia

If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably seeking information on joining Woodfordia Inc.

 Our organisation (Woodfordia Inc) is a not-for-profit, community driven organisation with our headquarters at Woodfordia, the name we’ve given to our 500 acre property about 5 minutes drive from Woodford in SE Queensland, Australia.

 We’d love you to consider becoming a Citizen of Woodfordia Inc, so if you don’t know much about our work, click the below links to various websites that better characterise our pursuits so far.

It might be good to consider that there really aren’t any financial incentives to join.  Woodfordia Inc, and all that it holds, exist because people give to it in all sorts of ways from actually working or sometimes just spreading the good word.

There are two categories of citizenship:

Category 1: Members in this category will need to be nominated and seconded by a current member of Woodfordia Inc. But if you are a current or past organiser, department head, key off-sider or volunteer, because you are known to the organisation, we will seek a nominator and seconder on your behalf. Citizens in this category will be empowered to vote on motions at formally called citizens’ meetings.

Category 2: The fee is a one-off fee valid until end of February annually. And you will not need a nominator or seconder or not need to be a current organiser/key off-sider. You will not be entitled to vote at formally called citizens’ meetings.

All citizens from both categories will be posted the quarterly newsletter of Woodfordia “Lore Society” that it will keep you up to date with the myriad of things happening in and around Woodfordia. Have a digital look at our first edition of Lore Society here.

Thank you for considering making the step to join. We hope you won’t be disappointed.

Become a citizen of Woodfordia Inc.

Step 1. Confirm your email address

You will receive a link via email to complete your details and submit your Citizenship nomination form.