Lore Society

Lore Society is the quarterly journal published by Woodfordia Inc. It aims to provide a platform to inform Woodfordians of the actions, policies and work of our organisation and its people. From Australia’s largest gathering of artists and musicians (the Woodford Folk Festival) to the restoration of animal habitat at Woodfordia, there are many stories to tell of the journeys along the way and the diverse people who play a part in it.

What ever your interest and involvement is in Woodfordia, from committee to patron, department head to staff members, festival volunteer to interested bystander, we hope Lore Society will be an informative, entertaining read for you. 

Have a digital look at our first edition of Lore Society here.

Citizen Access

If you are a citizen of Woodfordia you can read all issues via the Citizen Login page. For more information about citizenship see our Types of Citizenship page.