Types of Citizenship

There are a number of different citizenship opportunities available to Woodfordia Inc.

All citizenships are valid from 1 March to end of February annually.

There are two ways to become a citizen:

By Nomination – The citizen application process will include nomination and seconding by a current citizen of Woodfordia Inc. If you are a current or past organizer, department head, key offsider or long-term volunteer, as you will be known in the organisation, you can request a nominator and seconder as part of the process. Once citizenship is approved, the citizen will be empowered to vote on motions at formally called citizens’ meetings.

Nominated Individual or Family citizens can join at any time in the year and pay pro-rata for the remaining months until the end of February.

Open – This citizen application process is open and does not require nomination and seconding by current citizens of Woodfordia Inc. Citizens will be invited to all formally called citizens’ meetings however voting rights are reserved.

Open Citizens pay a one-off fee valid until the end of February.

Individual Citizen

Individuals can become a citizen either by nomination, or by the open process.

Citizenship Type

Annual Fee (Incl GST)

Monthly fee (Incl GST)

Open Citizen


not available

Nominated Citizen



Nominated Citizen - Concession



Family Citizenship – By Nomination

A family citizenship is for two adults and two children (17 or under). Only one Lore Society is sent to the family household.


Annual Fee (Incl GST)

Monthly fee (Incl GST)

Family Citizenship



Affiliate Citizenship – By Nomination

Corporate or community organisations are welcome to become affiliate citizens of Woodfordia Inc. Affiliate citizenships includes the right for one vote at official meetings. Multiple copies of Lore Society (up to 10 copies) can be requested for affiliate citizens.

Affiliate Citizens

Annual Fee (Incl GST)

Monthly Fee (Incl GST)



not available



not available

Please note: All Citizenships (including Open Citizenships) are only valid until the end of February annually. At this time, we will write to you to ask if you would like to renew.

Become a citizen of Woodfordia Inc.

Step 1. Confirm your email address

You will receive a link via email to complete your details and submit your Citizenship Nomination Form.